Each Tuesday and Wednesday evening, from 5 to 7 pm, Lower Bar Ferdinand hosts special guests (winemakers, distributors and characters of all kinds) at our shop for themed-tasting events that are free (with purchase, or $5 for tasting) and open to the public.

October 2016

October introduces Mountain Wines! 

What exactly do we mean when we say, mountain wines? Well, exactly what that sounds like. We're talking about wines grown at altitude on the slopes of mountains, on terraces sometimes so steep that workers need to tie off in order to work the vineyard; or vines that have at various times been buried in ash from a volcanic eruption! These are so harsh that vines sometimes produce only a few grapes in a bunch; whose vines are so gnarled as to give the appearance of a arthritic hand thrusting upward from some buried being in the mountain. These higher zones are becoming more and more appreciated for their structure; their angularity, their elegance and majesty. Join us at both Upper and Lower Ferdinand in October where each Tuesday and Wednesday of the month, we will visit a different mountain zone and taste expressions of the rarified.

Visit Bar Ferdinand and taste some of the results! 

Join us each Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 to 7pm, at Lower Bar Ferdinand. 

October 4th & 5th - Wines of Mount Etna

October 11th & 12th - Jura as seen through the eyes of Stefan and Mirail Tissot

October 18th & 19th - Wines of the Jura, Savoie, and Valle d'Aosta

October 25th & 26th - North Italy/Austria/Slovenia

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