Located in Melrose Market, Lower Bar Ferdinand is our original location. We are a wine bar and bottle shop.

We serve glasses & bottles of wine from family owned, small production bodegas from all over the wine-producing world. It might be a biodynamic supernatural white wine from a madman in Slovenia, or the product of the sweetest couple in the state of Washington. We want to pair wine for your meals or any occasion. To accompany your wine, we offer small plates of bar food, like Sitka & Spruce's charcuterie, seasonal pickles and simply prepared raw or smoked seafood.

Whatever it is, please know, that as much as it is within our power to do so, we are presenting you with the best there is.

To help showcase some of our favorite findings, we offer the Bar Ferdinand Bottle Society wine subscription program, complete with six bottles of wine per month, with tasting notes and pairing ideas. Also, each Tuesday, join us for our themed-tasting events; check our wine notes page for our event details and tasting notes.

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