Naturally Leavened Bread with Butter, Sea Salt & Pickles $10-

Washington Triple Cream Cheese with Plum Jam $8/oz-

Pate of Pork & Dried Tomatoes with Honey & Black Walnut $15-

Salt Cod & Smoked Tomato on Grilled Bread $16.5-

Assorted Dry Cured Salami with Butter & Chili Powder $16-

A Large Assortment of Cured Fish, Meat, Cheese & Pickles $25-

A Bowl of Buttery Chanterelles “alla Carbonara” $17-

A Simple Salad from Our Farm with Buttermilk Dressing $13-

Buffalo Milk Burrata & Sweet Pepper Sauce $15-

Naturally Leavened Pizza from the Wood Fired Oven $19-
• Cherry Tomato, Bacon & Mozzarella di Bufala
• Fava Beans, Lemon, Arugula & Egg
• Lobster Mushroom Butter, Chanterelles & Delicata Squash




$60 Per Person
Family Style Service, Whole Table Participation Please

Naturally Leavened Bread, Duck Drippings & Cherry Tomatoes
Air Dried Pork Belly & Puget Sound Silver Smelt
Late Season’s Fava Beans & Buttery Chanterelles with Egg Yolk
Long Line Ling Cod, Shellfish & Butter
Smoked Beets & Braised Beef with Sour Cabbage & Sour Cream
followed by a Simple Salad
Burnt Honey Ice Cream & Berries from the Farm

Coursed Wine Pairing - $35 per person
Bottle Pairing - $45 per person
Reserve Wine Pairing via Coravin - Market Price

*Prices and availabilty subject to change,
these menus are for sample purpose only.
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