*our menu changes daily, please note,
the menu below is a sample

beverage suggestions

Sourdough Bread, Old Vegetables, Butter & Deception Pass Sea Salt
Beckham Pinot Noir Rosé, Chehalem Mts.

Line Caught Halibut Cured on Kelp with Wild Plum & Perilla
Mizbasho Ginjo Sake

Black Cod on Sour Rice with Blackberries & Thyme Flowers
Kurosawa, Junmai Kimoto Sake

Warm Potatoes with Salmon Eggs & Beach Vegetables
Keller Trocken Riesling, Rheinhessen

Side Striped Shrimps Are a True Puget Sound Treasure
Oyster River, Morphos, Pet’ Nat‘

Freshly Dug Radishes, Jersey Milk Butter, Salted Pork & Chive Flowers
Quarticello Lambrusco del Emilia

Grilled Puget Sound Silver Smelt & Wood Sorrel
La Collina Rosa Luna, Emilia Romagna

Steamed Egg Custard with Conica Morels & Stinging Nettles
Paonnerie, Rien Que Melon, LoireValley

A Bear’s Salad with Dried Pear & Aged Blackberry Vinegar
Hild Sparkling Elbling, Mosel

Grilled Clay-Pot Rice, Spicy Carrot, Shiitake & Toasted Seaweed, with Grilled Rainbow Trout
Pipeno, Pais Yumbel

One Half of a Buttermilk Roasted Chicken with Herbs & Yogurt
Escoda-Sanahuja, Nas del Gegant

Burnt Honey Ice Cream with Hazelnuts & Rye
Burdock & Alfalfa Honey Tea

Sheep’s Milk Cheese from Glendale Shepherd (Wdby Is.)
Oyster River, Morphos Pet’ Nat’ Maine


Wednesday through Saturday we offer a menu paired with any of our ciders, meads, beers or wine. Many courses of food & drink designed around a collaborative effort between you and us. We want to cook for you, take care of you, bring you what will soothe you and remove you from care for a little while.
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